by Dozer TX

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released March 10, 2017

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Blackroom Studios



all rights reserved


Dozer TX San Angelo, Texas

West Texas Emo/Pop Punk

Est. 2014

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Track Name: Smoke Screen
I'm a curse
It works in no one'es favor
I won't be dead forever
Prepared for the worst
That's what I am
You wouldn't understand

Don't think I wanted to feel how you made me feel today

Everyone I know leaves
This rain cloud is following me
No secret I'm sinking
From all this overthinking

I'm no saint but I'm not what you believe
I'm not running like you think
I have no more blood to bleed
Can you blame me?
I just wanted to be happy
Yeah you'll blame me
Because it's easy

If the thoughts what counts then you counted me out
I'll make this count
Track Name: Fixated
We're walking down this road again
Unclear how all of this will end
I'm endlessly looking for signs of a tread
The tension rises everyday
It's making my mind cold and gray
I'm endlessly searching for shit to say

It's hard for me

Things always weighing on my mind
Are subjects I have yet to find
Still I have nothing left to hide
Inside this peace of mind
Bent is broke sometimes
But somehow i survived
I'll pick it up and keep my distance
All it takes is a little persistence

Feels like I'm always learning
My stomach's always churning
From all these thoughts and these memories
Life's not a game you can win
Block out that tunnel vision
So fixated on the thought of failing

I'm not feeling this today

I'm a crowded room you don't wanna pass through
But you have to
I'm an itch you can't reach
A plague that never leaves
I'm nowhere near where I wanna be now
If confidence is key, I'm locked out
Track Name: Centerpiece
This tastes so bitter
Down the line I'll be much better off
I had stability now it's just a memory
I told myself that I made the effort
I honestly tried but I can't be the only one
You let me down this time

Alone and aware
Now more than ever
Everything ends
One way or another

You can't take this back from me

I've been looking back on memories we've made
but I guess in time they never cease to fade
but they never really seem to go away
I hate the way I feel today

New years eve
Was a lucid dream
And you were the centerpiece
Track Name: Leech
A clear disconnect put us in this position
I was a man on a mission that you didn't want a part in
My level head wanders
I tell myself no longer but i know
That's just the way things go

Foundation's complications made silver linings gray and faded
Unable to convey, Return and complicate
Well I'm bogged down with exploitation
Heart and head cooperation
Unable to convey, I'm going to leave this place

I've got dying dreams
My heart checked out it seems
I'll fall deeper into the blue
And lose my point of view

Patient for so long no matter what I do
I'd rather be strong, I'm nothing like you

I'll be more than your placeholder
A chip off of your cold shoulder
Track Name: Breathe Deep
The pressures of everyday life are relentlessly surrounding me
They make me nervous for the things I don't need
For the things I don't see
And now I can't breathe

Go through the motions when you ask me how I feel
I'll say nevermind and tell you everything is fine
Constant corrosion wore me down and changed the way that I deal
I'll say nevermind and tell you everything is fine

A vicious cycle I am doomed to repeat
Reduce my life expectancy
Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy
I'm a void so avoid me

What's left to figure out
What's lef to talk about
Self medicating doubt is all I've got now

Why am I still holding on when there's nothing to hold on to