by Dozer TX

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released August 6, 2016



all rights reserved


Dozer TX San Angelo, Texas

West Texas Emo/Pop Punk

Est. 2014

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Track Name: Paternal
Things change,
Things never stay the same
It's natural for you to feel this way
I'll keep these thoughts outside my brain
I never thought that I could feel this way

And I don't blame you for how you feel
you've made up your mind
And I can't change you or how you feel
You've made up your mind

Seasons change
But the way we feel, thoughts we can't shake
Grow accustom to the weight
What's left to say?
We'll celebrate when winter fades
And we'll call it a holiday

I had a choice to make. I didn't make a mistake.
I don't know how much more that i can take
So if you can't relate, take a moment and think
and see the look that's on my face
Track Name: Whiskey
My head is killing me. It's 3am and I can't sleep.
It's only when I try to close my eyes that I have these dreams.
I think about the times that we would talk before you died.
Sad thing about it is I never got to say goodbye.

And I think to myself, Why would I wanna be anyone other than who I am now? I'll figure it out

I look into the mirror, I see your face look back at me.
If only I could be half the man that you used to be.
It's really killing me, these thoughts of life's uncertainty.
It's really hard right now but mom said you were proud of me.